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Big Brew Saturday - National Homebrew Day

This Saturday, May 7th, is National Homebrew Day. In observance, I'm going to do a very big brew, the biggest I've ever done. I'll be doing a parti-gyle brew, which involves making two beers from one batch of grain. This process will take around 9 hours, so I'll need some support. If you happen to be in the bay area and are interested in joining me/helping me out/drinking my other beers, I'd love to have the company. Let me know if you're coming by, so I can look for you.

I'll be making the Limbic Libations Barelywine and the Aftershock Amber Lager from 31lbs of Maris Otter malt, and few specialty grains thrown in for the Amber. This should be great fun, and I'm likely to screw things up big time, since I've never done this before (and will probably only do it once/year from here on out). I have lots of beer I need help drinking, so happy hour starts at 10am in my garage. Hope to see you there!