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Propagation Pale Ale Brewed!

Last Tuesday, I took a personal day and used my time to brew my second all-grain batch of beer, the Propagation Pale Ale. It was really a lot of fun, though it took a lot longer than I thought it would.

I had been getting beers that didn't have quite the clarity that I was looking for, so I decided to throw in a brief protein rest in this batch to improve the clarity, 10min at 131°F. This was great in theory, except that I didn't plan for having my next infusion all ready to raise the temperature of the mash up for the next step. So, the protein rest ended up being more like 30min (oops). That aside, the mash looked really good at the end. After recirculating the wort a little, I got some of the clearest looking wort into the kettle that I've ever had from any style. So, I was pretty excited. I ended up with 10.5gal of wort, and I boiled it down for 105min to 5.5 gal before stopping. So, it took a lot longer than I thought. But, the taste was amazing, so now I'm just waiting for the fermentation to finish up so that I can keg it. I'm going to serve it as a guest beer at a fellow brewer's party in a few weeks, so I'm excited for that. I racked what was left of the Cacao Idaeus to bottles yesterday so that I could clear some keg space for the Propagation. The fermentation is winding down now, I'm curious how it will taste. The gravity reading at transfer last Saturday was 1.022, the target for most of my beers, and it was still going strong a week later. So, this could end up being one of my drier beers. We'll see though. I also took some pictures from the brew, check them out in the Photos Section.